Pharmaceutical Balance Systems


Pharmaceutical Balance Systems offers full repair and calibration services for mechanical and electronic balances used in pharmacies, academic institutions, and industry. We specialize in repair and refurbishing of the Torsion and Torbal pharmacy balances. We offer a very comprehensive service in this area and are the only manufacturer authorized repair facility for Torsion Balances in the United States. These balances continue to offer a combination of extreme accuracy and the highest level of reliability.

PBS has parts and accessories for your balances as well.   Also, PBS will accept your old balance in trade on a refurbished balance.

Repairs are to original factory specification and we back up all repairs with a 12 month guarantee. Calibration is to USP and NIST standards.

PBS offers new and refurbished balances for sale. Please note that any Class A or Class III mechanical pharmacy balance that is in working condition and calibrated, can be used in any pharmacy in this country, and will meet the requirements of your state’s Pharmacy Examining Board. No government agency is able to require an electronic balance, even though some statements have been made to that effect. When questioned, the pharmacy board will–and MUST–admit that a mechanical torsion pharmacy balance meets all of the requirements.

There is absolutely NO reason to change to an electronic balance, and several reasons–long term reliability being a main one–for retaining a working Torsion Balance.

The PBS refurbished balances are in like-new condition with full warranty. We use specially engineered containers to guarantee safe shipment of your balance, both to and from your pharmacy or business.

We will also pay cash for your old balance!